Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bring your floats to the disco at 9 sharp, we'll have a tarantula race

This is my last night in Turkey. I've had a rather enjoyable time here, it's been cool to see my sister's school (which is a sister school [ha!]), to meet her friends, and to experience part of her life here. I'm just sorry I haven't come at a time where we could experience more of Turkey. Maybe next time.

So this experience has led me to understand much more about our school by seeing hers, and that has been cool. This experience has also helped me see all that I appreciate about my life in the 'Stan, all that I miss living there, and how each of us seem to end up in the places that we fit into well, when we seek to follow the Way set before us.

How could I be anything else?

I did have to be bailed out by my sister's quick tongue today. Thanks for the save!

Traveling tomorrow more. Dubai for a day, get to see some friends there, then back to the 'Stan. I'm excited to get back to life there, a sense of regularity, of knowing what day it is, of being able to hear about all my friends' breaks, engagements, visits.

But I'm most excited because I get to see D again! I would enter a large number of smileys here, but that would seem cheesy, and I'm all about low cheese. (and melted cheese) I have really missed being with her, and I'm happy to be able to re-enter the toils, frustrations, and joys of life in our compound in the country we have and get to be in together.


rachel said...

That was cheesy enough already.....*gag, gag* hahahaha just kidding. But what did you do that Jenna had to bail you out from? Did you accidentally agree to marry someone or something like that? lol

Anonymous said...

For once my tongue got you OUT of trouble instead of me INTO it.

Lay off on the cheese already (especially the melted kind)