Thursday, December 04, 2008


We had a six day work week last week, now we get a 3 day weekend. The government decided to make Eid a 7 day holiday instead of 3. So we had to have an extra day of school so we can get our required accreditation days in. It was kind of an odd work day, but OK.

D and I watched the science teacher's kids last night. We watched Veggietales and then played Stratego. We had a good time. They've got a Christmas tree up in their house, it's decorated all nice, it made us feel kind of like we were home. A, the 3 year old, was a little chatty when we put her to bed, so then we closed the door to her room, and she started crying, including crying, "I should stop crying!" It was cute. Then we sat and talked for a while, which was nice.

We mentioned how neither of us are just counting down the days for when we go back to the states, or wherever they are going. A number of our other friends around here are eagerly awaiting going out, reminding everyone how long it is until they get to go home. D and I are looking forward to seeing family and friends at home, but we're not eagerly anticipating leaving. I'm not in a place where I just can't wait to leave. It makes us feel a little different from other people, but that's OK.

I got a neat Thanksgiving card from my Grandma yesterday! It was really neat, thanks Grandma! That was only the second piece of mail other than packages that I've gotten while I've been here, so I'm pretty pumped that I got it! D agrees that I get too intense about life sometimes, so I guess I'm probably going to need to work on taking it day by day a little better. There's still some things I've going to go hard after, though. What's the point of living if I'm just living for myself?


Michaela K. Creer said...

What does the holiday Eid celebrate? I'm assuming it's a Muslim holiday

Russ said...

Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice Ishmael. It's become nearly an analogue for Thanksgiving in the states.

rachel said... pops up everywhere actually.....I didn't notice before.

btw, I really like that phrase "army of the far from perfect". That's from a song, isn't it?

rachel said...

oh yeah, it's an Oh, Sleeper song....I remember now