Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing lesser

As I get ready to leave here for another trek back to the United States, I think about what this is really accomplishing here. I always do this. I live in a third-world country. In a place where seven years after the U.S. arrival, the city doesn't have reliable power more than a couple hours a day. In a place where security frequently changes our plans. I work at helping educate the next generation, with the goal that maybe soon there will be some hope in this land. That never again will we hear people saying "Inshallah", which means, "Allah Willing", or basically that "Whatever happens happens," with no real plan or vision for the future. That someday, the violence and the killing would stop.

I'm the kind of guy who really likes to see immediate results. And guess what? In this country, in my job, I don't get to. So I really have to learn to just trust, and to take what comes my way from day to day.

So I take things like having to re-plan the dinner outing that my housemates and I were gonna have, and instead of getting upset that we didn't get to go to our first choice, be happy that we found another restaurant that was acceptable to security. I take things like not being able to take D out and instead of getting down, am happy that I even have the chance to take a girl like her out. I take two kindergarteners running up to me during dismissal carline yesterday and giving me a hug, "Bye, Mr. Newcomer!" as really sweet. I take everything under consideration, and see the simple joy that I get given as the substitute for the fulfillment of all my plans.

I head out for the States soon. While there, I get to see friends, family, D, I get to rest, I get to drive wherever I want by myself without signing out or texting the security manager. I get to have fellowship, friendship, renewal. I get to have a date with D. It's easy to forget the lessons of a place like this when I'm in a place like that, but I try to let it all wash over me.

I magnify. I'll not be a casualty.

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