Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still drip gradient refraction

What will suffice? What is my new ending?

Stuff happens here that I really wish didn't. I really wish I didn't have to go through or put other people through this. How do we deserve this pain with the healing?

No more self-pity. I just keep walking. You keep calling, and I keep answering. Where I am sent, where You would have me go, I will. My deeds grew to greatness, but now I'm lost and worthless. No more safe and grey roads. Take me and break me.

I can't tell you about everything, but I can tell you that I am where I said I would be in the end.

Today was an up and down day. I got a package from my wonderful parents, stuffed full of good stuff. It raises my spirits. I kept myself under control when I really struggled with my attitude toward people. I ran from some things I needed to.

I'm not counting down towards the holiday break, but time away will be better this year than last.

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