Friday, November 07, 2008

Compilations in the dark

My room definitely looks like a bachelor pad right now. I horribly, horribly abused my "I'm the IT Guy" privileges this weekend, and took a school projector to my house, set it up, hooked up my buddy's Xbox360 to it... We gamed for like 10 hours this weekend. You know, I don't game all that much anymore, so maybe I overdosed, but it was great. Anyway, the stuff is still all setup in my house, because it was too late last night to worry about taking it all down. It's kind of nice to know that one can be here and still have a touch of America-esque experiences.

Despite the gaming goodness, yesterday was fairly frustrating. By virtue of where we are and what I do, I feel obligated to make house calls in some cases. It's just annoying when a) those can't fit themselves into my schedule and b) I have to get a driver to take me. I also find it frustrating when I do favors to people, and they basically insist that the favor isn't good enough. I mean, I do things for people that... ok, this would turn into a, "I'm so great, look at me"-fest if I kept going, so I'm stopping that rant. I'm also frustrated when people tell me, "I'm going to go to Frisbee tomorrow!" and then back out and then I don't get to go because we have to have two people to go. So I played video games instead of frisbee. Oh, and played horribly at Volleyball and lost every game again. I hate that.


Mike Orson went from room to room, frantically searching for the papers. If he found them, it would prove the continuity of his residence on the colony, if he couldn't find them, he faced deportation in a few short weeks. Finally, he found them, his residency papers, the ink fading on the oldest stamps, but he counted, they were all there.

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