Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Top Ten List.

Background - we have occasionally been put on a security restriction where we can't go anywhere unless there are two people going (i.e. don't walk alone.) So I asked in a meeting why that was, saying that depending on who I'm walking with, I feel less safe if there's two of us. I got an answer to my question, and also got this e-mail written about me. It was circulated today.

Top 10 Reasons Russ Should Accompany You on Your Next Outing

1. He makes a good barrier
2. He has good experience helping other's lower their statistical risks
3. Knowing Russ, he will probably feel obligated to save you somehow
4. He usually wears flip flops out...slower running than you
5 If it comes down to it, just mention that Russ is the one who could iron out their network problems
6. And likewise, you could ask him how to fix all your email and printing problems on the way...if you have to beat it, just tell him to take care of it remotely later
7. You know he wants to!
8. We've all talked about it in a meeting and its unanimous, er almost unanimous, Russ should go!
9. It's okay to call him to ask because he'll be relieved its not a prank call
10. If nothing else, he could at least carry all your pink milk


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! You have your own top ten list! I especially like the part about the flip-flops

AnnDave said...

I think all the Macguyver episodes you digested should also count for something