Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uprooted flowers

I. I am sick. Stomach junk, and lots of being close to the restroom. Not lots of food consumed. Probably good it's the weekend. I stayed in my room all day - read a book, played video games. It was kind of nice.

Argh. Stabbing pain in stomach. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Should have worked more today. Didn't. Getting bad at that. Need to improve.

Going to watch a movie for a while. Maybe read and send e-mails while watching. Having a laptop is nice.


Michaela K. Creer said...

Check the comments on Khaki Pants.

Anonymous said...

Were the Khaki pants and the stomach pains related?
Drink more fluids.
Rememer - a magic trick has 3 parts - the pledge, the run, and the prestige

Russ said...

Michaela - you're a senior. You can figure it out.

Mandy - you're funny.