Friday, August 22, 2008

Truth or evidence - Say it aloud

Other towns, exterior construction projects involve building benches or nice Zen Buddhist rock gardens that important conversations happen in (Jonathan, you have to get this joke.). In my current city of residence, they tend to mean something different. I helped my buddy with one today. Need to bribe someone who can sew now. It's all a-ok, they're not sewing me up.

I've waited here for you, and all this time while I was searching for something, you really were, are right there waiting.

Week two starts tomorrow. I did very little work this weekend. I did solve problems. I did help people. I did listen to way too many Foo Fighters songs. I did watch a couple of movies with my buddies.

I played Volleyball for two and a half hours today. I really need to get someone to show or explain proper form to me, because I still can't hit or serve consistently. And I set terribly. But my team won a couple times, so I wasn't totally incompetent, I guess.

I am so glad for all different kinds of friends that I can hangout with, and so many different people that I can grow to appreciate here.

After this morning's meeting, I was beginning to feel inadequate and unprepared to spend another year in this place, as I, with all of my failings, struggles, life, differences in personality from others, with all this self-centered baggage, began to compare myself to some people here whom I really admire, and only see myself in light of my deficiencies. Now, I know this mode is one of particular temptation for myself, for reasons that I unfortunately have never broken free from. And as I compare myself, a thought grows in my mind that all of the things about me that I thought I could fix by coming here, they aren't fixed, because I thought I could fix them. So I will try to surrender this urge, and instead let them be fixed by another. Because I can't make it on my own.

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