Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Frisbee tonight. I love Frisbee. My team ended up doing decently. It's just great to get out and run.

All-staff meetings today. Some of you may remember the trials and tribulations that I described last year about one facet of the early meetings, which was telling our life story. So this year, we had ten minutes or so to plan, and five to present. And like usual, I struggle with how to describe myself to people... I'm so inconsistent and intransigent that it makes describing the most important things to me difficult. I think it doesn't help that I am a weirdo. For example, I was running out of time at the end, so I wrote down that I wanted to be Batman. This was after several other random things that I said. The principal also followed up my comments about myself by saying that anyone else who wanted more of the same could read my blog. I perceive that if the principal readds my blog, and I haven't gotten fired yet, I'm doing fine.

This video is one of the awesomest, saddest, and all around nerdiest things I have seen in a long time.

I am so.

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