Monday, August 25, 2008

In the water,

I've been having these moments recently where I find myself looking around the cor-


Midway point of the second week. Monday nights mean guys group. Tonight, one of the ideas we talked about was serving, and being a bondservant. It's a harder thing than one might originally think of, because being a bondservant means to consider first the wishes of the master, his over anything else. I don't do that as well as I should.

The waters around me often bring me out to ask, "Where is my mind?" Is there anything in it?

Student activities and basketball start next week. I'm pretty pumped.

You know you're in Kabul when...

- The maintenance staff dusts the trees by hosing them down.

- You switch from generator to city power, blow a light bulb, and then talk about how many times a bulb has blown in that room.

- You begin to seriously plan how you could get the school to buy an ice cream maker as a morale booster.

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