Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flying o'er these

Well. It's been another day.

I subbed for Spanish today. Why do I keep having to sub for foreign languages? Why couldn't I sub for something easy like Math or Geography, things I could actually almost wing? No, I have to wing 45 minutes of 6th grade Spanish.

Then, I had to sit up front, wear a tie, and talk during parent orientation. About something that won't even be my job on Saturday! WAHOO!

Then I went to the coffee shop and they were out of ice cream, so no shake.

So, in retaliation, I am going to play video games tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Try talking about someting that will be your job after Saturday, then you can complain :) Happy for you that parent night is over! Now I want a shake too.... ><>JB