Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dinner with a Gypsy

I got five hours of fairly normal, regularly timed sleep, from 11:00 PM to 4:12 A.M. this morning. I am pretty excited about this.

So far this morning, I have worked in my office for a half hour, finishing some states-related e-mails that I am hoping to get situations resolved before their weekend, turned the generator in my building on, thrown rocks at cats (do you know what they do in my backyard at all hours of the night??? You'd throw rocks at them to. Don't worry, I don't actually try to hit them, just scare them off), read and responded to e-mails, listened to He Is Legend on my speakers, and now I am thinking I am going to start Crusade, since I have a big screen in my room right now.

Speaking of my room, I need to figure out some good place for my computer bag and my shoes, because I there's not a good place in the closet for the bag, but I just realized I could put my shoes in there... yay! One step closer to the ideal spartan room.

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