Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Binary Addition

Ah, being me. I went with the science teacher and his family to the coffee shop for supper tonight. I tried to teach the six year-old to count in his second numbering system (binary. [But I was doing it on my fingers, so it was kind of hard.]), and then we worked on counting in Dari and Spanish. He also decided he wanted to come with me on my million dollar trip (we decided if I got a million dollars, we would get a ride on the weightless drop airplane, BASE Jumping with the squirrel suits, and parachuting onto every continent.) Then, when we were walking home, the two year old wanted me to carry her, and refused to go to her mom when we got almost to their house. I love kids. Especially when they aren't mine.

I helped sort out our shipment of stuff tonight. We have a lot of stuff shipped over to us every year, because it's hard to get teacher supplies here. And I don't think our shipping system is overly efficient, and it takes more time than it should. I have wild ideas to improve it.

And, today was all staff meetings today. Then I did work in the afternoon. Did pretty well in a couple games of knockout we played, and won a game of 3-on-3.

School starts soon. Therefore thinking that this thrust 'tis temporary, I inquired.... well, that alliteration failed, so I think I'm done with this blog post.

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