Thursday, July 03, 2008

Boil it down

So, training continues. We've got two more days, and I'm really starting to feel the length of the sessions. I skipped two today (gasp!) that were totally education related to do other work. And the one I went to, I didn't get anything out of because I was totally zoned out. I did some other conference-related paperwork during it.

But there was some other really good stuff today. We've been having these small-group meetings with advisers who have been in the field long term, and who have been administering all the personality type things. Today, we had a 'final' meeting thing where they read a reflection paper that I wrote, and talked about some things. They told me that I seemed to be good to go, that I could handle this lifestyle long-term. I was kind of encouraged by that, because sometimes I wonder. They actually told me that if I ever wanted to head to their organization, maybe I could... That was more encouraging - it's one thing for someone to say you seem to be doing OK, another for them to want you to come do OK for them.

I drove around the city a little. One of my new friends here needed to mail some stuff that they brought back for a friend who wasn't returning to the school, so since I have a car, we went, found a post office, and mailed the stuff out. It was pretty cool to be able to stop at a store, ask someone for directions, and then get to where I needed to go.

After supper, we had the Training Talent Show! I ran sound, did stand-up comedy (my stories about getting accosted at Wal-Mart, along with a little bit of Kabul humor thrown in.), had a good time. There were some talented people, some really funny people, and just a good time with all your new close friends. After that, a bunch of us played Capture The Flag, which was also fun, except too stale-mated. And after that, as we were walking back from the field to our 'dorms' we saw someone shooting off fireworks. So what did I go do, with a couple other people? Yeah. More tomorrow.

All in all, I've realized some things about myself at this training, had a lot of opportunity to reflect, and had good growth. I've also made some really cool friends, learned some new things, and definitely not been bored for two weeks. I'm mostly ready to go home, and in many ways, more ready to go Home and more ready to realize I have to stay here for a while. And I'm more OK with that than I have been for a while. Funny how things that don't seem to make a difference in a lot of ways serve to change things.

Well, it's like 12:27, and even though I'm still wide awake, I need to try to get to bed. So good night, and good luck.

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