Friday, June 06, 2008

Was this ever a first?

I guess I've talked before about how school is done. Yesterday was a work day, I worked some this morning, played Ultimate, had lunch, worked some more, and now I'm just goofing off until we order pizza for supper and then have a "we're done" party. Then tomorrow and Sunday I work lazily, then head out Monday. It will take me about two days objective, one day subjective to get back to Kansas. I'll get in late Tuesday and will probably be fairly lagged out Wednesday and Thursday. Do drop me an e-mail or call me if you want to hang out - I've only got a week and a half before I have to leave for two weeks of training. Then I'll be back for the month of July, and leave Kansas again on 31 July.

I'm planning on writing up a fair amount of reflection on the year in the next couple days/weeks, parts of which I will post up here, if I actually write them.

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