Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shine with me

One Love. It seems I learn more and more about this in different ways on different days. I went to a Meeting this morning at a local gathering that felt over-produced, shallow, topical not expositional, and still realized that this connects some people just as much as the Meetings I am used to do. So more growth, I guess.

We played Ultimate tonight! It was pretty fun, except my probable shin splints are back and hurting more, and that made the second half of the game kinda crummy because I lost my vertical and my cut. But it was still fun.

One of the things that I hate about these two week training kind of things is that eventually, you have to leave and I suspect that I won't see most or any of the friends that I've made here again. Unless I make some sure huge effort to stay in contact with them, they're here and gone. And that is a little sad, but I guess just part of the lifestyle that I'm placing myself in. And in reality, after a few weeks, it won't be a big deal...

It doesn't rain every day. And I won't ever fully fit into this world, but that's OK. I've learned a lot over the last year, but the biggest thing I think I've learned is to hold on to joy. Because joy flows from Love, and if I can be joyful, I will have, will give, and will know Love. And one day, I will go Home, and Love and joy will be complete.

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