Friday, May 16, 2008

Splitered Shards of....

Well. Today is more of me being myself for somewhat unknown reasons. I am prepared now for myself. Found again.

The sun will set on all that I have done, said, or accomplished, and it will be as dust. Except that which has been accomplished through an agency other than my own. I closed the doors that it wasn't my responsibility to do so for. The day will be bright, the stars shining, and still I will be walking and looking like this, just like I always have. Please stay here for a while? Just to take in the sights that I can't surprise You with, because You gave them to me in the first place. The day may be overcast and gloomy to some eyes, but the gray will not go away, because You made it just like You made every other day.

Just like every other day, I will rejoice.

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