Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breakfast in stereo.

Wanting things doesn't automatically make them right or wrong, it's what why we want it that can make it right or wrong. You can want right things for the wrong reasons.

Some days you can have a real breakthrough, and then the next day you see that it was just a little one.

I have way too much stuff to get done, and difficulty actually getting it done.

Second-guessing is not as good as it is often maligned to be.

What I've become is not the same as what I thought I would be. It's also not the same as what I thought I would never be.

I remember that I'll soon be dead.

When everything fades, will you still stand? Where will I be?

If you kept anything for yourself, would it really be worth keeping?

Is it bad that sometimes it feels like sacrifice of the things you're not sure about is harder than sacrifice of things that you are assured of?

Are you afraid of being alone with only your own thoughts?

If you only gave up the things you could afford to lose, would you really be giving up anything at all?

Take all of me.

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Michaela K. Creer said...

Mr. Newcomer after reading your blogs I will now call you by what you should have been named. Mr. Meltsner!