Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Digital Carolingian Dynasties

I was talking, this weekend, to my roommate from last semester, who works for another organization here. He's kind of like me in that neither of us perform jobs that are directly related to the organization's focus, but yet our jobs are necessary for the continued operation of our respective organizations. One thing we decided after we both had taken calls that weren't exactly related to our jobs while we were hanging out is that we're glue, mortar, whatever you want to call it. We do the things that hold the rest of the organization together, you may not notice us because the things we hold together are a lot more attention gathering than we are, but we keep everything running, each in our own ways.

Part of being glue also means that you get to be 'everywhere' all at once. And you get opportunities to do things that other people might not. For example, I got to do some stuff this morning that virtually no one else did, and I got to take pictures to share with you.

Much of the rest of my life seems to be happening like it always has. Work projects keep piling up, and I don't work as much as I perhaps should. I have time to goof off, time that I should probably be investing in other things like work.

The things we leave behind are the things we never really forget, I guess. Vectors and plot points. The things we couldn't forget are the things that probably don't matter in the end. Holes are right where they should be, and the plug that stops the hemorrhaging is the same one that we left behind. Fire in your eyes just makes you blind pretty fast, I think. Some of us flame out quick and bright, others of us glow steadily for a long time. I wonder which I am.

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