Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Come, just sleep.

Today, I am... whatever. Sleepy, but not tired. Uncertain, but not anxious. Underrepresented, but not disenfranchised.

I duplicated DVDs and sent them off today. I worked on reformatting curriculum guides. Had a hard time focusing on much of anything. Had lunch duty.

Random thought. I need to ask people less questions when I should probably not know the answer, and people need to volunteer less information when I don't ask. Sometimes, I get told things aren't public knowledge in the funniest of places. Anyway...

I had the science teacher's six year old son over to hang out tonight. Why, you may ask? See, I like kids. Becoming a father is pretty high on my list of things I'd like to have Happen in my life. Being a father is a couple years off, I don't have any nephews I can spoil, and so I choose to be a semi-uncle to this little guy. We had a good time, ate pizza, played a game with a friend, watched a movie, played some Commander Keen, then sent him home. It was fun. It reminds me; however, that I'd probably be a lousy dad. But that has time to change, I suppose.

I should, but don't want to, go to bed. Whatever.

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