Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The songs I sing inside.

More than anything else.

Yeah, so one person might get that.

Today, I finally found out where I'm going to be moving. I'm not entirely thrilled about it all, but it's ok. I'm not entirely thrilled with a lot of things right now, but it is OK. I don't need to remember where I used to be to know that is all OK. I do know that I want to get a couch and a wood stove for my new apartment.

We hiked a mountain this morning, a different one, shorter hike, but lots steeper. It was pretty up at the top. A different view of the city, one that was neat because it was dark when we got up, but dawn broke while we were on top of the mountain. Two of the guys that went on the trip both had knee surgery earlier this year, so we weren't speed demons, but that's OK.

Today was a really nice day. It was a nice day out, I did some work, I helped some folks, I filed papers and cut out words for my friend a while, I kid-sat, had stuff thrown at me, and just generally had a good day. It was definitely a 'free day' kind of day. I am really looking forward to the trip home now. Not the trip and the duration of the trip, but the getting home part. I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends, and being away from here for a while. I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to gain some necessary perspective on certain things.

Well, since it's Eid here, and that means we'll probably have City Power all night, I need to force myself to go to bed. Take care, and I'll see some of you soon!

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