Sunday, December 09, 2007

Equality: not a thing to be grasped

Long. Today has been long. I woke up early (like a birdie!), did situps and pushups, Read, made a french bakery run. Got back and started putting things places and getting problems solved. Started to do some work. Got phone calls (about 10 today), and couldn't do lots of work. Finally got started, remembered I had a meeting. Went to meeting. Got done with meeting. Answered calls. Started working again. Got asked to sit desk. Sat desk. Did work while sitting desk. Got more calls. Ran around for a while. Carried stuff across campus. Did work. Ran around helping people. Went to another meeting. Had programming club. Started TOEFL junk. Decided to do TOEFL junk later. Had supper. Came back to the office. Did TOEFL junk. Am blogging before I start work on another project.

However, in news that is exciting, I got a package from home. With shirts, hot chocolate, a softball, some DVDs and a Calvin and Hobbes book. And some other neat stuff that I am giving away to neat people. That somewhat makes up for the long day. Partially. It was still a long day. And I think I'm going to be here for another hour or so, if I can get stuff done...

In related news, the mouse in the copier is gone. I did not kill it, it was still alive in the trap, so I creatively relocated it over to the other side of campus, over a wall. The cats on the other side of the wall may have or will shortly end it, but I didn't kill it. However, the copier is going to need to be fixed because of the mouse's presents to it. And the copier guy won't be back in town until Tuesday. Oh well.

And since today was long...


Friday, I had two ferrets come up to me, and forthwith, they inquired
of me, "Is there any way we can find the ferry to Western Florida?"
Now, ferrets on a ferry struck me as a fairly odd frame for the story,
and forgoing answering them, I made a query of my own. "Tell me, did
you find me friendly, or was the fearsome face of my nearby companion
that forced you to feel me out for your safety?"

"Fortune smiles on the bold, friend," the first ferret said to me.
"You had the frame of a Frenchman, and we flew from France during the
first of the Napoleonic wars."

"For goodness' sake!" I exclaimed. "You must be far older than you
look, my furry feline acquaintance."

"Nay, we are actually weasels." The formerly silent ferret replied.
"In any case, how do you find the ferry to Western Florida, for we are
in a frightful hurry!"

"And why are you finding your need so fey and urgent?" My curiosity
could not be forced into submission. My brain was also furious
spinning, formulating new questions about how these ferrets from
France could be bilingual (for they must speak French as well as

"Our bones will turn to iron unless we can get to Western Florida and
handle pans made of pure francium." The first ferret offered.

In the end, I gave them directions, and so the ferrous ferrets found the ferry.


Who holds our dreams? Not us, not I. I gave mine away a couple months ago. I keep trying to grab them back, in my fallen state. But I know they are far better where they are than in my hands.

I really like getting fresh French Bakery in the morning. I have gravitated towards going and getting nan the other days of the week, because it's good, cheap, and I think there is an advantage to circulating in the local economy.

Now I'm just procrastinating.

Once more into the breach.

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