Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alliterative Action

Have visited more family since Christmas. The only downside was having to cram into the back of the folk's station wagon. I really enjoy seeing my family, but having to sit in the back for 8 hours is just a little... uncomfortable.

I've gotten to see some more friends also, and have had some interesting discussions. On one hand, it surprises people that I'm planning to go back, but others aren't. I had a neat little two minute talk this morning with a guy who has spent a lot of time overseas before. He said Hi, then asked, "So, do you have a good response for the 'what's it like there?' question yet, or are you still having trouble?" We laughed, and talked a little bit about how life over 'there' and life over 'here' can be difficult to explain to folks...

But life is amazing and fantasic, and so is the Source of my life. I'm not sure why I have been chosen for these blessings, but I am thankful that I have been.

I'm about moved out of my rental house, just a few more things to pack up, then furniture to move. Jonathan and I played one last game of Supreme Commander last night... It'll be the end of one era, truly, and the beginning of another era. Home is a fluid concept, and what I have to come back here to in the future will be the same, different, and... OK. My hope isn't in the stability of the physical world, and my expectations for the future aren't what they used to be. My life is to be lost so it can be used.

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