Friday, October 26, 2007

Stick figures from the aggregate

Ah, Fridays. A day to recharge, retune and and refocus. We talked about the seals at meeting. Some of that is tough to hear about and think about, but it is necessary to hear and think about. The white horse is coming to conquer, just as the others come to destroy. And one day the numbers will be fulfilled.

The nice thing about this Friday is that while it has been both active and relaxing (Frisbee and Volleyball, along with making spaghetti for folks), there's been a good chunk of time to be Alone, but not lonely. One thing that I have been thinking about is something that Doug M said a couple months ago - that none of us would care to know the whole truth about any of us. Yet, One does know the whole truth, and made his decision in our favor anyway. As I reflect back upon my week, there are times when I'm ashamed or afraid to have been alone with mine own thoughts. I'm sure there are many of you who can identify with this as well.

Yet still, I am here. The incongruity of this situation strikes me daily. I learn many things through my journey here, and one of them is that there is no one else who could be here. I don't mean this ridiculously egotistically, like I am so unique that no one else could perform my functions. Rather, I mean that somehow, before the foundation of the world, the choice I made was known, planned for, designed. I have buckled the belt, taken up the shield, and so while I am far from perfect, I am far from who I should be... that doesn't matter. Rather, I am to be some anthropomorphic jack-o-lantern. Emptied out and illuminated.

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nln said...

The first time I read the "We talked about the seals ..." part I thought you meant seals the animals. I sat there for several seconds trying to figure out how you could get a whole mtg. out of seals the animals. I mean, do they have some interesting character trait we can learn from, or what? Then I read the rest of the paragraph and realized it was just my mind working in its normal strange matter.