Monday, October 22, 2007

Open up my eyes to see

As I write this, my uncle's funeral is taking place thousands of miles away. I can't be there. I don't even want to be there, at a funeral, and I wish I could be. I do the only thing I can, to remember them while I am away.

Death is the middle. Oh, that we could hold on to that.

As heavy as this seems to me, for my uncle's family, it is far heavier for them. I have friends here who are dealing with other things that are heavy as well.

I wish I had something profound to say here. Something that could make it all be better. But I don't. I wish I had the strength to bear up under all situations, to take the cares and concerns of these people that I love, and to put them on my shoulders. I don't have that strength. And the One who does, the One who does loves these people far more than I. He has, long before, already volunteered His shoulder to them for their load.

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