Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Count on me for all your var- Hey, was that Dean Smith?

Well, these past few days, after 5, I have had lots and lots of energy. I attribute this to two things. First off, I've been working out more, and so I just generally have more energy. Secondly, it's cold in the morning, and it warms up in the evenings, and so I feel the energy and excitement, and need to go out and do with the warmth.

For example, this evening, we went out to eat. When we got back around 8:15, I felt the energy to go out and do, so I grabbed my wind-up torch, a basketball, and went out and shot baskets. Several people thought I was crazy, but it was fun! Especially since when it's dark, you can't tell if it's going in or not, so everything is a make. Obviously that's not true, but I did feel in the zone for a while, and made a good bit more of the outside shots than I usually do.

So, you remember the other day (Saturday, to be exact) my complaining about how I was going to have to get up early the next day to try to get this internet-based test hopefully running for our students that hopefully got registered? As it so occurred, they didn't get registered, so from about 5:30, after I got the test all ready to go, until about 6:45, I drafted this massive flame to the people that run the test, about how frustrated I was that we had been (to my mind, very) clear about wanting to get our kids registered for the earlier date, that didn't happen, and they why in the world would they schedule us a time, but not register our students for that time? I proceeded to delete most of the flame, but kept all the pertinent information about what had happened, and how they'd messed it up. Then, I went and scoured the testing service's website for the president's e-mail address, found what it probably would be, and after colleague review, sent the e-mail to all of our contacts and the president. I got back an e-mail, from the president promising to correct the situation. And so, now we have a test date, and all our kids registered! It's on Friday, which disappoints me because it means no Ultimate (and that I'm working on my nominal day off), but at least we'll get the kids tested, and get all of this out of the way for now. That makes me happy. The principal told me I could take part of the day off Wednesday, but I asked her would I would do then?

I walk by the ball court earlier today during Sophomore PE, and one of the kids wants to 'take [me] on!'. I'm wearing khakis, a long-sleeved shirt, and my crummy, no traction shoes. I set down the gear I was carrying, and promptly thrash him 3-0, while commenting on what he could have done to stop me, and how I was beating him. It was kind of a wicked little pleasure.

I have a funny-ish story from earlier today, but explaining the context would take perhaps too long and be more transparent than I think I want to be at this point in time. I'll just leave it at this - people who are trying to be sneaky shouldn't giggle when they run.

Trying to force something out of this thought, but I can't, so instead, I'll just reveal the thought, and leave you to meditate on it. The sneaky person above left me with a pointer, redirecting to an address, ps90. I leave you with this same pointer, probably what it points to will be better for you than any random statements that I could come up with.

I have lots of other thoughts and processes running through my head, most of which aren't suitable for posting up here, just because they are way too intertwined with things going on around here, and trying to explain them would require a lot of context.

So, I leave you with this closing thought - Abased and Abound.

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