Sunday, September 09, 2007


Sometimes, I have more fun than I truly deserve. Friday night was ok, we went out to eat at a restaurant where I had enough food to last me a few days. It was kind of a party atmosphere, and we all know that I am unendingly thrilled with participating in parties. Still, it wasn't absolutely horrific, although the drive there in the coffin was less than comforting. I really hate riding in that thing.

Ok, you're saying, I thought you were talking about fun? Yeah, see, Saturday was one of those days at work that is inexplicably good. It wasn't like I did a ton of great stuff or anything, it was just a good day. I mean, I even sat through an hour and a half meeting wherein I had to present for the last 10-15 minutes, and it was still a good day! I really like it when it works out like that.

As a plus, in the evening, my leg started to feel better, I walked down to the store and got stuff to eat today (since the cooks are off for Masood day), then played speed scrabble (which some of you might know as Pick-2) for a while before going to bed. While we were playing speed scrabble, there was a group in the adjacent room playing Taboo. I was having fun yelling random things when I heard them, such as calling out "Vampire!" when the description was, "This is a soft object that you put the part of your body above your neck on." There were a couple of really funny things that we heard from the other room, too, times when we were talking, and then started our game, going quiet right as they read some description from the other room that was fairly humorous when it was completely out of context.

Then I woke up really early this morning, installed the new UPS for the server, and then went with some folks out on a hike. Some of them jogged, and I had thought the night before that my leg might be up to it, but that proved to be false, so I just walked. It was about 6-7k, though, so it was nice and invigorating. After I got back, I had breakfast with the director of the new English training program affiliated with us. (He's actually been here two years already, just in different capacities.) Then I went and worked for a while, and now am blogging whilst waiting for some updates to download onto a computer I'm working on for one of the other staff members. We're playing volleyball most of the afternoon, and this evening, I am going out to eat with a couple teachers. May only have two more full days of work this week, depending on when Ramazan starts... We'll see.

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail the other day, saying that something good to do is to work on is finding one think to be grateful for everyday. I've been trying that, and also asking myself what is one thing that I Know today. Adding both of these to each other makes me begin to realize what it is that I miss, what it is that I really am longing for. It makes me remember to see that in the rain, the light from the sun still illuminates our world. It takes my eyes off of me, and onto the Road ahead, and where it leads. I want to be Someone else's point of view, and this may be a way to accomplish that.

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