Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pick up his to go.


I told the school I would sub if necessary. I am so doing this in Math class. Or Vampire Domestication if I get Life Science.

Did lots of running around today, setting things up, finalizing issues, figuring out what all needed to be ready. School begins in earnest this week, and so I've had to just get stuff ready. I don't know if I'm ready, but hey, it will be what it is. The start of school will be complicated, and there are other factors in the air now. Lots of things to Talk about from here, which are to be read of elsewhere. One of the teachers here is really concerned about it all, some are far less so (to the point of perhaps being generally unconcerned) but I'm learning that generally the people that do things like this are fairly extroverted and strong willed. I think that may be why they think I do a good job, because I'm laid back enough and usually don't over promise that they are ok with me.

Well. Even though tomorrow is a holiday, I need to wake up early. Still lots to do.

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