Monday, August 27, 2007

From Condition

Resources, coordination and replete with ideas and reactions.

Expanding volumes of domains day by day.

More and more of that which is said by some to breed contempt.

Walking down the tightrope, struggling to keep eyes on the prize.

Ok, so life is going fine, I keep finding out more and more things that I need to do, more and more things that I apparently know about. The nice thing is that so far, I usually have actually known about them! I regard this as a plus, and otherwise all around good thing.

In other news, I had lunch duty today. This involves watching elementary kids while they eat, and trying to make sure they spend at least 15 minutes eating before they run around and play. I somewhat unsuccessfully tried to get all the boys to stop playing some highly disorganized version of "Tackle the guy with the ball", except their was no ball, so it basically involved running into other kids. You know, when there are 20-30 K-3rd graders running around, tackling each other, it's hard to get group attention without totally yelling. So, I would get one group stopped, only to turn around to another group to stop, then the first group would be going again. Fortunately, the end of their lunch bailed me out.

In other other news, I haven't seen a koala in days.

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