Friday, August 31, 2007

All of us

It's the weekend, and sometimes you don't expect anything to happen, yet it does. I got a dresser yesterday, here is a picture. It was only 4000 afs, (that's ~$80). I haggled the vendor down from 4500, I was not inordinately proud of myself, but I thought it kind of neat.

So, I got all my clothes out of the suitcases, and fit them in. I also did laundry, and so caused cleanliness and orderliness to reign in my room. Well, mostly. I still would like an end table or some sort of little desk-like thing, so I didn't have a couple books and other random papers on the floor. But I'm patient. I thought it would be more psychologically validating to get the wardrobe/dresser, but that really doesn't make me feel much different.

I played volleyball today for a couple hours. Didn't win a game again. Started getting more frustrated that I should have. I didn't yell or anything, I was just way too intense. Oh well.

I did actually do some work this weekend, so it wasn't all goofing off.

There are other things that I wish I could talk about, but this really isn't an appropriate context for them. Please don't worry, it is nothing alarming, it's just things that I need more time and Conversation to process, and... well. Some things people have said remind me that I'm not forgotten.

Neither are you. Neither are you.

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