Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pair of splicers

I found this article fascinating, and very much worth reading. It's a challenge to try to differentiate cultural perspectives, but I think there are some very valid points here. We really can't just pour money into Africa blindly, but we need to have some accountability and foster a sense of responsibility for personal survival and sustenance. It's easy to think that our money will help, but if all we ever do is give money to bail people out of problems blindly, it's not going to give them the skills or abilities to deal with the problems the next time they come around. Education is usually better (but you would think I would say that, based on where I'm headed) for a longer-term solution. Of course, that has it's own socio-economic problems, but what doesn't?

And just to prove I'm not always serious, a line of Star Wars dialogue!

From Episode 4.5:

VADER: Are you the half-wit responsible for putting that thermal exhaust port on the Death Star?

ENGINEER: Yep. Are you the quarter-wit who told the PLANET-DESTROYING space station to get clear of the PLANET before attacking the rebel base?

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