Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brain/Glue Deficiencies

I have nothing that's of worth to You, take all I have.

I'm stressing out way too much at work lately. I yelled at a tech support guy (don't worry, I waited until after I hung up the phone) today. I really need to calm down about work, because while it's stressful, I shouldn't let such things rule me. I used to always do pretty good about just letting it flow away, and nowadays, it seems that I let it explode more than I should, in unprofessional and childish ways. I've got stuff that is breaking repeatedly, and it took me days to notice th simple reason for it. Frustrating. I've got like 10 'high-priority' tasks on my list to do, and I'm just churning away at them.

Bipolarity is revealed, because now I'm going to talk about how baseball practice wasn't too bad, I enjoyed beating Jonathan in Supreme Commander (back on a winning streak, baby! Two in a row, and should have been 3!), and I talked to The Formerly-Highly-Pitched-Voice-Dude [Seriously, his voice was higher than the sopranos in Jr. High. I have video.], who told me about his sermon (Available on mp3!), and about how he's finally done with school! Woohoo!

Additionally, the flood waters are retreating, my sisters sent me cool e-mails the past couple of days, and I'm getting married on a Saturday! Ok, the last one is just a probability, but anyway...

One thing I have not done as well as I should have lately is read my Bible for the relationship. I've read enough for preparation for teaching, but not for just the relationship. I am really going to endeavour to do that better in the coming days.

I have nothing that's of worth to You, take all I have.

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