Thursday, March 15, 2007

Declining Intervals and Suppression

Disturbingly, I just got told by someone fairly well placed in the company to know better that it was impressive that the IT programmer guy had hardware troubleshooting skills. I can't tell if this person was being sarcastic or not. Because of this and other issues, it seems I can't communicate with anyone, nor can anyone communicate with me. I crashed the server yesterday, and I can't get this stupid report I've been working on to come out right.

Additionally, I did something to my arm last night that is related to the seperated should, I think, and so the arm doesn't really want to work right and hurts. And Jonathan made me sick. And arranged a call from his girlfriend last night to get out of losing in Supreme Commander again.

On the plus side, I had fun at Kidmo last night. And hey, I get to teach Sunday School this week!

On the negative side, I have lots of stuff that I should do that I have been putting off, like getting gas, or my oil changed, or checks so I can pay my bills.

Back to work. Done is the blog entry for now. Does anyone like the new story? Comment on the previous post!

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