Monday, February 19, 2007

A pot of meal

Thankfully, it seems, the winter season is closing. And even though I enjoy the bleak desolation found in a snow covered landscape, the bitter cold overstayed its welcome. When one finds that it takes 5 minutes to warm up when entering from the harsh wind, it is time for it to get warm again.

I get frustrated with people often. I usually avoid letting it show. Like this weekend, when I was running sound, and I kept hearing stories about how often someone has gotten burned by having inattentive sound people who don't turn microphones up when someone goes to talk. Yes, thank you, I'm sorry you had those bad experiences, but why do you insist on remembering them when they were ten years ago? Similarily, what dost thou hope to accomplish by repeating them to me, who is currently semi-graciously bailing you out of a jam? Folks, these are the kind of things that make a sound guy disinclined to put much effort into your performance/song, or "accidentally" forget to turn your microphone on. Oh, and please quit saying things are a "soundman's worst nightmare." You apparently have no idea what my worst nightmare is, which is only to be remembered for screwing things up.


My juvenalia is fast reaching levels where continuing in it is untenable, and when that happens, I fear a superfluous conundrum of epistomological proportions. Forsooth, nigh unto the anglophiliacs I sway, peradventure some stochastic process intervenes in my days? Nay, such a revelation would undermine the very annealing that has been occuring.

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