Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Creature Walks

Ball team played OK last night, still lost by 15. One of the kids dislocated his shoulder. Again. During the game. Hopefully he bounces back soon. Didn't get home until 11:00. Am staying up way too late tonight typing this up.

I have had a request for a Valentine's day post.

Before I rant or despair for a while, I do have two humourous stories.

First, I was playing Supreme Commander for a while tonight, and I had 3 Monkeylords attack the enemy ACU from 3 seperate directions, and I managed to queue them up so they all fired their main, huge laser at him at the same time. Didn't think to get a screenie, but it was cool.

Secondly, I was backing down my driveway this evening to got to church when I realized, "There's a car in front of my drive. It's lights are off. It's parked. Grr." So I knocked on three different neighbors' doors before I found the one the car belonged to. Actually, it belonged to a guest, an older gent, who graciously came out and moved his car. Kinda annoying, but no big deal really. I just thought it was wierd, because I think he would have had to parallel park there. Also, when I had arrived at home from work, Jonathan was just pulling out of the driveway, so it was the second time today my driveway was blocked.

As far as Valentine's day...

Well, we didn't have KidMo tonight because it was Valentine's day, which I thought was kinda dumb. I told them I could sure be there, why couldn't everyone else? It was probably just as well, so I didn't have to see people talk about their Valentines. I went to church anyway to help with sound, since I told them I wouldn't do it on Sunday so I could teach Sunday School, so I would help the people that are going to do it since they've never done it before. And I think people just make too big of deal of it, and I wish people would just understand that when I say something, I don't mean it as a personal attack and that they're more than welcome to mix sound however they want to, no, if you like that, it sounds fine, I mix differently and I don't like how that sounds, and it's not totally objective because I don't listen to your kind of music casually, but people just don't guess that because I don't look or act to overtly crazy all of the time.

I have poetry/random brain effluence that I will try to type up and share someday soon.

My mother and father gave me root beer, and this absolutely awesome cake mix that all I have to do is put water in, stir, and bake. That stuff is probably the coolest thing since the Carter administration, and I am definitely making it this weekend.

It is ridiculously cold outside, and I hate it and wish it would stop.

Valentine's Day? I don't even care. But then, I don't care about a lot of things. I spent the evening with first, my computer, and then second, at church. Either I'm goofing off, or I'm trying to buy my absolution or reputation with works intended not to help, but to impress. The things we do just because that's what we do. Because someone asked us. Because we don't care enough to do anything else.

I have this sneaking paranoia that everyone at work distrusts me, and doesn't want anything to do with me. I am probably over analyzing, and know that probably it's that they just don't care if they interact with me. I admit that I'm maybe not the most inviting of conversation, but I didn't think I was an ogre, either. I'm not rude or anything, I don't think. I am also pretty sure that I haven't had a friendly conversation with a non-related female this year. Oh, I've had conversations, but about task-related things. This leads to disinclination to let myself care about Valentine's Day, because I know it's just going to make it hurt more if I start to think about it.

Hey, requestor[s], I tried, I really did, to muster some vitrol or energy to make this post. I only succeeded in drawing out the ennui. In a 32 bit world, I'm a 2 bit user. I've got my own newsgroup...

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