Saturday, January 06, 2007

What went before

6 ballgames in the last two days. My Jr. High boys lost two yesterday by fairly significant margins, then won today by about 20. A couple of guys really stepped up and played very well.

High school got blown out first game yesterday, then played a great first half the second game, only to come out flat the second half and lose by 7. We won today then, by about 15 or so. More good performances by a couple of guys.

Stopped by work on my way back home... 12 e-mails, 4 voice mails. It always seems like the days I'm not there are the days that something bad happens. 15 e-mails in the inbox when I arrived home then.

Now my computer isn't expected to ship until 1/17. ARRR! Maybe I should just cancel the order...

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