Monday, January 15, 2007

Dreams of Torella

Went into McDonalds for lunch today because I forgot mine at home.

Russ : "I want a Big and Tasty with only Ketchup."


Russ : "Do you have diet ketchup?"

Counter Girl, Instantly : "No."

Russ (Mentally) : "Holy cow, either she's well trained, didn't listen, or people ask for that ALL THE TIME."


Girl : "I've never heard of Diet Ketchup!"

Russ : "Neither have I."

Girl : *Looks at Russ strange, lets the manager that Russ knows give Russ his food.*

My new computer probably isn't going to be here for *ANOTHER* week. GR. GRRR.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure my transmission is gone. So, now we'll see how expensive that is to fix.

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